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Course Booklist and web links

Woodlands, by Oliver Rackham, Collins 2006. (No. 100 in the New Naturalist series)

Essential. By the leading authority on British woodlands. If you buy just one book, get this.

Ancient Woodland: Its History, Vegetation and Uses in England by Oliver Rackham Publisher: Castlepoint Press 2003.

The fruits of Oliver Rackham’s research in glorious detail.

Wye Valley, by George F. Peterken, Collins 2008

Useful chapter on woodlands even though only a third of the AONB is in Herefordshire.

Woodlands of the Lower Wye

available from the Wye Valley AONB www.wyevalleyaonb.org.uk

Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley: Holme Lacy to Bridstow, editor/author Heather Hurley Logaston Press (2008).

A detailed study of part of the Wye valley with results of new research on the history of woodlands, parks and the landscape generally.

Grazing Ecology and Forest History by Franz Vera, CABI 2000.

A challenge to the notion of prehistoric forest by showing that it was probably ‘wood pasture’. The ‘Vera hypothesis’ has important implications for conservation today.

Welsh Woods and Forests: A History, by William Linnard, Gomer Press 2000

Linnard can be considered as Wales’s answer to Oliver Rackham, much of the research is applicable to west Herefordshire parts of which were in Wales of course.

The Medieval Park: New Perspectives editor Robert Liddiard, Windgather Press 2007.

Relevant recent work by a number of experts.

The Wild Flower Key: How to identify wild plants, trees and shrubs in Britain and Ireland by Francis Rose and Clare O'Reilly. Warne, Revised edition 2006.

The best wild flower field identification book.

Collins Tree Guide, by Owen Johnson, Collins 2006.

Know Your Conifers. by the Forestry Commission, Stationery Office Books 1970.

Out of print but can be had from Amazon.

Know your broadleaves. by the Forestry Commission, Stationery Office Books 1975.

Out of print but can be had from Amazon.

Woodland Management: A Practical Guideby Christopher Starr, The Crowood Press Ltd; illustrated edition edition 2005.

A Critique of Silviculture: Managing for Complexity, by Klaus J. Puettmann, K. David Coates and Christian Messier, Island Press 2009.

Just published and haven’t read it myself but looks interesting.

Woodland Rides and Glades: Their Management for Wildlife, by M.S. Warren and R.J. Fuller, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC); 2nd Revised edition 1993.

The conservation and restoration of plantations on ancient woodland sites, by Woodland Trust, available online at the Woodland Trust also (see ‘links’).

Restoration of native woodland on ancient woodland sites, by Thompson, Humphrey, Harmer and Ferris. Forestry Commission Practice Note 14. 2003. [click] Obtainable from FC's excellent resarch branch, (see the web links below)

Veteran Trees: A Guide to Good Management, English Nature 2000.

This and other booklets on veteran trees are available on line from the Woodland Trust (see web links below).

Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland by Richard Lewington British Wildlife Publishing 2003.

Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland by Paul Waring, Martin Townsend, and Richard Lewington, British Wildlife Publishing; 2nd edition 2009

Web Links

Recent work on many aspects of practical woodland ecology and management including climate change implications see the Forest Research web page of the Forestry Commission: [click] and click on "woodland biodiversity" and/or "Sustainable forest management".

Useful booklet on veteran trees and woodpasture from Wrexham Council  [click]

Ancient Tree Hunt, a major project to record all ancent trees in Britain by the Woodland Trust  [click]

Comprehesive information on old trees assembed by the Woodland Trust, click on 'resources' and 'bibliography' [click]

Woodland Trust guides [click] to veteran trees including:

Natural England [click]

Forestry Commission [click]

Map of rural designations including ancient woodlands [click]

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