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Some books that I have found helpful transcribing and translating Latin manuscripts

* especially useful

Classical Latin

*Revised Latin Primer by Kennedy, Longman

The indispensable grammar reference. Many editions from 1930 there is a new 2008 edition.

*Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary, OUP 2005.

Good general Latin dictionary with basic grammer

501 Latin Verbs by Prior and Wohlberg, Barrons Educational Series 1995.

Complete conjugation of every common verb, useful for passives, subjunctives etc.

Medieval Latin

**Latin for Local History, an introduction by Eileen Gooder. Longman 1996

If you were to get just one book this is it.

Latin for Local and Family Historians, a beginner’s guide by Denis Stuart, Phillimore 2000

Complimentary to above, lots of worked examples and [very] brief word list.

Manorial Records by Denis Stuart, Phillimore 1992.

Many worked examples and explains manorial administration

*Revised Medieval Latin Word List by Latham R.E. OUP 1999

The only comprehensive single volume word list.

A Medieval Farming Glossary by Avril & Raymond Powell. Essex Record Office 1997

Extremely useful little book.

The Record Interpreter by Charles Martin, Stevens and Sons 1949 also Clearfield 1997.

Lists most Latin & Norman French manuscript abbreviations, has a Latin glossary of less usual words and Latin names of places, surnames and Christian names.

Manorial Records of Cuxham, Oxfordshire c1200 to 1359. Ed. Harvey P.D.A. HMSO 1976

Hefty (839pp) transcription of the exquisitely detailed records of this manor. Useful for local comparison with its 80pp introduction, glossary of specialist words, lots of tables of yields, prices etc. Nice appendix on the various buildings, rooms their names and uses.


*A Handbook of Dates by C. R. Cheney and M. Jones, CUP 2008

An essential reference for anyone looking at original sources.

A Dictionary of English Weights and Measures from Anglo-Saxon times to the 19th Century

by R. E. Zupko. University of Wisconsin Press 1968.


Herefordshire Place-Names by Bruce Coplestone-Crow, BAR series 217 1989.

Gazetteer and Administrative Maps of Herefordshire by Goeff Gwatkin, 2002

Useful for the 14th century map of Hundreds and their constituent manors.

General History, Medieval and Tudor

The Medieval Economy and Society. An economic history of Britain 1100-1500.By M.M. Poston. Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1972.

The Fourteenth Century 1307 to 1399. by May McKisack OUP 1959

Shaping the Nation, England 1360 to 1461 by Gerald Hariss. OUP 2005

The Tudor Regime by Penry Williams OUP 1979

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